Name English Name Email Address City Remark
張理瑲 Carol Pan Vancouver 大溫哥華台灣同鄉會
曾添財 Steve Tseng Edmonton 亞伯達省愛城台灣同鄉會
郭俊彥 George Kuo Ottawa 渥太華台灣同鄉會
陳昱元 Chen YYJ St. John’s NF 紐芬蘭省台灣同鄉會
陳建銘 Mario Chen Montreal 夢特婁台灣同鄉會
彭詩涵 Shannon Peng Nova Scotia 新省台灣同鄉會
林啟信 Kevin Lin Toronto 多倫多台灣同鄉會
廖顯崇 FRANCIS LIU Calgary 卡加利台灣同鄉會
羅聆榛 Leslie Ruo Saskatoon 薩斯卡東省台灣同鄉會
張美和 Mai Chen Kinston 安大略省京士頓台灣同鄉會
黃雯卿 Vicky Huang Winnipeg 緬省台灣同鄉會
石松桓 Steve Shyr London 安大略省倫敦台灣同鄉會
吳文義 Peter Wu Victoria 維多利亞台灣同鄉會


One thought on “加台會各地同鄉會會長名錄”
  1. Dear Representatives of Taiwan,

    Hello, Representatives of Taiwan, I am a high-school student currently residing in Milton, Ontario. I am a huge fan of geography, history and all things to do with the world. In particular, I am enamoured by the country of Taiwan, I believe it’s a country that’s incredibly rich in history, culture and tourist attractions. In fact, outside Canada, I would consider it to be my favourite country.

    In addition to my love of history and geography, I am an avid collector of flags and the flag of Taiwan, in my opinion, the most symbolic, the most beautifully designed and all around the greatest flag in the entire world. I don’t currently have the flag of Taiwan but I would love to add it to my collection and I was wondering if your representatives would mind sending me one of your flags via mail (ideally I’d like a flag that is as big as possible but any flag will do) as well as souvenirs or items that best reflect your great nation.

    My postal code is L9T8A7 and my home address is 472 Nairn Circle. I would love that you mail flags and other items to this address if you wish to mail any. You can reply to this email if there are any updates or inquiries regarding my requests. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this email and I understand if you can not go forward with my requests. I hope I can visit your amazing country one day.

    P.S I’m not familiar with mail, will this process cost me money? If so, could you not go forward with this request, my parents will get mad

    Sincerely, Lionell Pereira

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